Friday, October 22, 2010


It's getting closer to Halloween. Frost may be on the pumpkin tomorrow in Virginia, or so they are threatening. Places are decorated with scary things and ghost tours are being taken a lot. I'm doing many lectures of hauntings and book signings. Four Questions Fridays asks about ghosts and more.

1. Do you believe in ghosts?

2. Have you ever been on a ghost tour in your city or elsewhere?

3. Do you watch any of the paranormal reality show on TV?

4. Tell us a ghostly tale or legend in your area that you like.


Daniel said...

1. Yes I would have to say so.

2. I have never been on any of the ghost tours in my neck of the woods (hampton roads virginia).

3. I like to watch Ghosthunters and anything spooky on the travel channel.

4. In Suffolk, where I live, we have the Jackson Road Light. It is supposed to appear at night in the spring. Long ago a train engineer was decapitated on the tracks that were to have once ran where the road is now. The light is his lantern and he walks the road looking for his head. I have never seen it but have heard an account from a friend of mine that was pretty spooky.

Marci W said...

1. Yes. I have had personal experience with a few- A photo with an apparition (clear face above me) at the Myrtles in St. Francisville LA, at my mother's house hearing my grandmother laugh a month after she'd passed (my cousin heard it as well), rental house in Alexandria VA with many strange noises and lights, several places feeling the touch of someone (usually on my back or shoulder) and no one is nearby, seeing everything in a dark room bathed in a blue light, hearing a front door open and close on a snowy night in an old house and we were the only ones there (no footprints in the snow).... My husband has experienced several of these with me.

2. Yes. Old Town Alexandria, London.

3. No. They creep me out.

4. The Visitor's Bureau in Alexandria has a presence that will tap folks on the stairs. At Ft. McNair, the windows of an old building across from the tennis courts will fog up. Legend is that Mary Surrat's daughter's tears are the cause as she watched her mother at the gallows (where the tennis courts are now) being hanged as a Lincoln conspirator. I attended school there and have seen the fogged window.

Suzanne said...

I don't really believe in ghosts, but it's probably because they'd scare the crap out of me!

I have been in a ghost tour in New Orleans, where I lived until recently.

I don't watch any of the TV paranormal shows...unless you count "Swamp People!"

4. The ghost of a civil war soldier supposedly haunts the theater department at my local university--the building was used as a civil war hospital during "the war of Northern aggression." He's pretty harmless but moves things around and slams doors.

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

1. Yes, I do believe in ghosts. I've seen them and interacted with them.

2. I've never been on a ghost tour. I avoid them at all costs!

3. Nope, don't watch any of the paranormal reality shows.

4. I grew up in a small city in the Midwest that actually has certifiably haunted places. I've seen all the places and met some of the ghosts. There's a haunted jail, library, orphans' home, and Civil War era home.

Deanna Jewel said...

1 - Yes I believe in ghosts and the paranormal side!

2 - I've been on a ghost tour and love the suspense; each participant is hoping to get a glimpse of a ghost while on the tour!

3 - I LOVE watching the ghost hunter reality shows as well as the psychic shows and psychic detective shows!!

4 - Supposedly there is a female ghost residing in one of our old downtown two story buildings and she's been sighted by many residents!